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U. Dirty Dog Eau De TOILET Spray

U. Dirty Dog Eau de Toilet…R U A Dirty Dog?  Do U NOSE One?  This freshening & moisturizing "between bath" spray hydrates your dogs skin and coat with the antioxidant power of Green Tea and Blueberry Seed Oil, while making your dog smell wonderful.  Ordenone, a water soluble ingredient, binds with the proteins that cause bad odors and eliminates them instead of masking them with fragrance.  This all-purpose spray can be used  to freshen your pup in between baths and also spritzed around the house to keep their favorite lounge spots smelling fresh and clean.  After all, EVERYONE knows dogs appreciate Fine TOILET Water!

Scent: Green Tea and Lemongrass (smells like a day at the SPAW)
Ingedients: Deinoized Water, IPA, Glycerin, Blueberry Seed Oil,Ordonene, Green Tea Extract, Lemongrass E/O, Food Grade fragrance

Directions: Spritz your dog from neck to tail, being careful to avoid the eyes. Should Eau de Toilet get into eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water.


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