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The Who's, Why's & What's Of Mutt Nose Best

What we are...

Mutt Nose Best is a line of Dog SPAW products handcrafted in Maine in small batches. At Mutt Nose Best we use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in our herbal infusions because your pet means the world to us. Natural plant extracts infuse our formulas for a healthy coat from the skin up. From the rocky coast of Maine, our Organic Sea Lavender combines with the antioxidant rich Wild Maine Blueberries, naturally abundant for thousands of years on the hilltops of Maine. The Pumpkin Patches of Northern Maine offer a seasonal bounty of vitamin packed skin nutrition and the fields of Western Maine produce our Certified Organic Oats which offer relief & comfort to the itchiest of dogs. With backgrounds in skincare and formulating and a need for a natural Healing Balm for our own dog Bandit's sunburned nose, Mutt NOSE Best was born. We offer a complete line of "farm to bottle" natural skin and coat care for your pet, from the itchiest, to the smelliest, to the dirtiest dogs.


Where we are...

Mutt Nose Best started three years ago in a Cuisinart in my kitchen. I didn't start with plans of becoming a brand; I just couldn't find a product on the market that I could pronounce all of the ingredients of much less feel good about using on my furbaby. At the time I was working on people skin and I was simply using my knowledge of herbal remedies and skin care to create a natural concoction of nourishing oils and butters to protect and heal my Australian Shepherd Bandit's dry, cracked, and sun burned nose. Three years later my life has GONE TO THE DOGS, literally! Mutt Nose Best now occupies two buildings on an old missile base turned industrial park in Bangor, Maine. A "normal" day consists of all of our dogs at work; we have a doggie playroom that rivals most human day cares. I don't think I could ever go back to a workplace that didn't include surprise sloppy kisses and a sanctioned game of fetch. The immeasurable joy that having dogs in the workplace provides is irreplaceable.

What is our insPAWration?

What inspires me? In short, wagging tails, sloppy kisses & wet noses. My passion for dogs and the unconditional love and loyalty they give inspires me everyday! At the age of four I brought home my first stray dog, rescue and advocacy have been my passion ever since. Mutt Nose Best affords me a platform to make a difference in a way I never would have imagined. Twelve years ago I left an abusive relationship, two years ago the man who abused me brutally murdered his wife. When I heard this my thoughts spiraled; why did I stay for so long? Why did she go back? The answers were one in the same, our dogs. We had no where to flee with our pets and leaving them was not an option. I started to research and found that there are no domestic violence shelters in Maine equipped to house family pets. I vowed to remove this roadblock and keep families from having to make the heartbreaking and sometimes deadly choice between their own safety and the pets they love. So, In short... Making a difference inspires me. ~Jenny Dwyer


What makes Mutt Nose Best stand out?

Mutt Nose Best stands out for several reasons but the first one to catch peoples attention is our packaging. The recognizable, lovable dog nose that is our logo combined with the names of our products always gets a chuckle no matter young or old. A misspelled birthday cake for my husband Doug that said "Happy Birthday Dog" started a teasing banter from my nephew who from then on called him Uncle Dog, which later was abbreviated to U. Dog. Years later when our family sat down to brainstorm a theme and product names this ongoing witty banter perfectly supported our idea. Our products are called U. Dirty Dog, U. Hairy Dog, U. Itchy Puppy, U. Smelly Dog etc. This makes it easy for the pet lover looking at the retail shelf to easily pick the formula they need and adds some humor in the process. The quality of our handcrafted products, our commitment to give small retailers a unique product line to offer their customer and our mission to DOGood also set us apart from the PACK, so to speak.

It is inevitable, to be successful you have to eat, sleep and breathe your business to nurture it into a successful entity. At Mutt Nose Best we love what we do and we do what we love. GENUINE passion is contagious and it will shine through with every interaction you have with our pack.  Also, we respect and appreciate every one of our customers no matter how big or small. One of my favorite compliments we received from a local groomer was that we always treat her like she is our largest, most important customer even though she thought she was probably one of our smallest. We strive to make every customer interaction above and beyond PAWsitive!


What does American Made mean to us?

To us American Made incorporates supporting small business, sourcing local, quality, sustainable ingredients and taking pride in every aspect of our business. We start each day giving thanks and recognizing that we are so very fortunate to do something we love that fulfills our spirit and makes us a living at the same time. Stories like Mutt Nose Best's and being American Made truly encompass the age old idea of the proverbial American Dream, where with the combination of hard work and the freedom to pursue your dreams you can reach true success and happiness, whatever that might mean to you. Where else in the world can you literally start with nothing but a loving concern for your pet and a concept in your kitchen and in a short time be a brand that is nationally recognized? American Made elicits a sense of quality that is recognized and respected throughout the world. Our packaging states PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA and we hold ourselves to a standard deserving of making that proclamation.