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Our Low Carbon PAWprint

Doesn't your dog mean the WORLD to you?
9 out of 10 pet owners say they care about the Environment!
At Mutt Nose Best we are passionately committed to working to increase our companies environmental sustainability.  This means we are continually looking for suppliers and packagers who also support our efforts. 
Mutt Nose Best's Sulfate-Free, highly biodegradable formula is meant to give your pet the same high quality ingredients you expect in your own personal care products. 
The packaging company we use is a "PRE-cycler", which means they take surplus and obsolete packaging and re-purpose them, keeping tons of waste out of landfills. This practice allows companies to cut down on corporate waste and reduces the drain on our natural resources.  
Our Mutt Nose Best product line has a Low Carbon PAWprint. Each step of our cold-process formula uses little to no energy to manufacture.  The transportation of our raw materials is one of the only fossil fuel utilizing aspects of our process and we are researching daily how to reduce this area of consumption.  Mutt Nose Best strives to use renewable resource ingredients and Precycled or recycled packaging and shipping  materials. 
You will notice our Bone Shaped Packing Peanuts are biodegradable and even if your pup eats them, it's OK they are made of grain.  To dispose of them you can rinse them down your drain, throw them in your garden or put them in your compost pile, they will dissolve. 
At our manufacturing facility we have installed motion activated lighting with energy efficient light bulbs to reduce energy waste.  Our radiant floor heat keeps the warmth low where we need it the most.   We have recycling efforts in place that our team takes very seriously to reduce our landfill contribution.   
Mutt Nose Best is constantly striving to increase our environmental sustainability and decrease our carbon PAWprint if you have any ideas for us to improve these efforts please let us know.