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Why Sulfate Free?

Why What Is Not In Our Products Is Just As Important As What Is...
Mutt Nose Best is FREE OF Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates and DEA. We are Gluten-Free and use as many Certified Organic Ingredients a s possible.  While not every one of our ingredients is "Certified" Organic, they are grown that way.  The expense of being "Certified" is sometimes more than the small farms we source from are able to afford, however we stand behind their health and their quality. 
What is a Sulfate? And Why do we leave them out...
Sulfates are harsh chemical surfactants commonly found in cleaning and hygiene products. SL Sulfate is a carcinogen and dangerous when ingested. Due to their inexpensiveness and their ability to create the bubbles that so many associate with cleanliness, Sulfates are found in 90% of all foaming products.  The risk of these foaming bubbles is significant!  In a report published by The American College of  Toxicology, a 15% SL Sulfate formula caused diarrhea, depression, labored breathing,  and death in animals.  SL Sulfates have also been linked to skin irritation, eye damage, birth defects in animals, headaches, sagging skin, swelling, inflammation and a host of other afflictions. 
Why Sulfate-Free ?
Don't you want your pet to as healthy and happy as possible?  Our everyday lives expose us to negative substances ranging from pollution, to processed foods. By using Mutt Nose Best, Sulfate-Free products this affords you the opportunity  to make a conscious decision to make a healthy, responsible choice for your pet.